The project has organised a situational analysis research in order to identify: (i) the situation related with the refugee/ migrant/ minority children participation in elementary schools, (ii) the didactic methods that are currently being implemented in these multicultural schools, (iii) the level and content of professional development programs followed by teachers teaching in these schools, (iv) the main problems faced by refugee/ migrant/ minority children in relation with their integration in the schools, (v) the approach of the educational system towards the inclusion of these refugee/ migrant/ minority children. The research was made through interviews with teachers and school principals in schools with a high number of children from migrant and minority background in the implementing partner countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey).

Here you can find the comparative report and the national reports with the findings from each partner country.

Comparative Report

Situational Analysis Bulgaria

Situational Analysis Greece

Situational Analysis Turkey

Situational Analysis Spain

Situational Analysis Italy