Development of a Methodology

The aims of this activity are the following:

– The adaptation of the good practices in order to be implemented in multicultural schools with a high degree of refugee children
– The production of guidance for the teachers on how they can implement the methods in their schools

A guidebook is going to be developed in order to guide step by step the teachers in the implementation of the method.

Training of Trainers

The main aim of this activity is to train trainers on the adapted methods in order to provide them with the skills necessary in order to transfer the methods to teachers of multicultural schools in their countries and in Europe (in general).

The training of trainers is going to be organised with a blended method (face to face learning and e-learning). The face to face seminar is going to be organised in the framework of the 3rd transnational meeting in Ireland.

Training of Teachers

During this activity, there is going to be organised the training of teachers in the methods selected in order to promote the better integration of the refugee children. The training is going to be made by the trainers trained in the framework of WP3. The training is going to be organised both through face to face seminars and through the use of e-learning. It is envisaged that totally 500 teachers will participate in the training (250 through face to face seminars and 250 through e-learning).

Monitoring of the Implementation

In the framework of this WP, the teachers trained in WP4, as a precondition to complete successfully their training are going to implement in practice the selected methods in the schools. Complete documentation is going to be required for the implementation. A network is going to be developed in order to link between themselves the teachers that participate in the project. It is estimated that around 9.000 students are going to benefit from the implementation of the project.