WMI is an international Montessori educator training college established in 1999. WMI trains Montessori educators and develops dedicated online systems which can be used by Montessori students, educators, parents and pupils.

The goal of Waterpark Montessori International (WMI) is to interpret the work of Maria Montessori (1870-1952) by emphasising her philosophy of living life at all ages with fulfilment and joy, respect for others and the environment, and a commitment to active peace.

WMI works for this goal by training and educating Montessori educators by advising Montessori schools, preschools, training organisations and parents, by building software programs for Montessori educators, schools and pupils, and by providing ancillary courses and publications. WMI carries out this work in a variety and combination of ways (onsite, online, short courses, full training programmes and dedicated software programs) but at all times focusses on this interpretation of Montessori’s work, while at the same time adhering to international quality standards. Our Montessori diploma is based on 4 modules and is a combination of online learning and intensive practical workshops. We work to keep our training flexible so that our students are able to get quality Montessori training while maintaining their lifestyles.

Currently, we have a team of 4 full time and 8 part time staff, including Montessori teachers and trainers in various stages of experience, plus admin and IT development staff. Our director and founder, Clare Healy Walls, has over 25 years of experience as a Montessori teacher trainer and has directly trained our trainer team. She is a founding member of Montessori Europe and has been working for many years at achieving an agreed set of standards for Montessori education in Europe.

We have done a large part of our teacher training in Norway since 1999 and are responsible for the training of a large percentage of the Montessori teachers there. Montessori is an integral part of public education in Norway. We have also trained teachers in Ireland, France and Lithuania among others and our students come from all parts of the world.

We have applied for international Montessori accreditation with MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) and expect to complete this process in 2018. WMI also provides digital solutions for Montessori schools via Flex Montessori, an online classroom management platform designed specifically for Montessori. Lastly, WMI is a parent of Waterpark Books – publishing books about Montessori and parent education by Clare Healy Walls.

Website: https://www.waterparkmontessori.eu